Multi-platform Storytelling 



Katherine Gorman is the Executive Producer for Collective Next where she helps groups to communicate about the issues that matter to them.

She is also the founding Executive Producer and co-host of the machine intelligence podcast, Talking Machines.

In 2016 and 2017 she served as a curator and host for TedXBoston which focused on issues around and research in machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

In 2017 Katherine helped the Neural Information Processing Systems conference to develop and implement their media strategy. She has served as press co-chair for both the Neural Information Processing Systems Conference and the International Conference on Machine Learning.


Selected Productions

Digital Media Services 


Got a great idea but need help communicating it? We'll help you develop a captivating narrative that highlights your group's unique solutions. 

Creative Development

During creative development we take your great idea and turn it into a exciting, attractive, and sustainable digital media project. At the end of creative development you will have a clear idea of your project and a plan you can take action on. 


After you have a defined project, you need the skills to produce it. From script writing to the final mixdown our production package will leave you with a complete product ready for broadcast across multiple channels including social media. 


Guidance in sharpening your interviewing, field recording, and digital editing skills. We can help everyone from those who have never held a mic to seasoned veterans in legacy platforms. 

Editing and Post-production 

We’ll take your unedited content and shape it into a coherent, professional-quality production that matches the voice of your media presence and meets your editorial standards. 

Media Preparation 

We'll help you perfect your media presence for maximum impact during your media event or while interacting with reporters.